Olde English Art

With Perry’s art his point of view is so much part of the work that if you don’t agree with it or think it’s particularly funny, there’s not much else there.

Between Two Worlds

Between Two Worlds might be a series of clues to a much bigger mystery – and that the answer was already apparent if we could just work it out.

A Rum Go

There is something of this will to greatness underlying TV Moore’s Rum Jungle at Campbelltown Arts Centre.

Constructed Situations

That the kids doing the dance at the press preview had a little trouble pronouncing the word “contemporary” – instead saying con-tem-pree – is the least of the work’s problems.

Disrupting the System

Who can say whether these faces hanging from the wall accurately reproduce the faces of those people who were innocently having a cigarette or chewing gum?

Dead Money

Watching the video is like watching a snuff film, you can’t quite believe they’re going to do it – but then they do: they burn the profits from their music careers as a gesture against the art world.