Ocean Beach

Waves break on the shore drawing long veils of foam. He’s making good time. The sand is firm. He can feel his heart working through the exercise. His mind is somewhere else, but he’s still taking in the scene. Then his big toe nicks something in the sand.

Chicken & Fish

Me and Dad had a problem. I didn’t like to do any work around the house and he never liked to pay me when I did.

Chrissie Lights

Mylah has the whole thing planned out. Go-Lo in Umina has a special on lights, like $19.99 for 500 lights on a string. All we’d need is a couple of strings and lights and we’d be a dead cert.

A Machine for Going Back

Miss Baker had a nervous condition. No one really understood what that meant but the children knew to look for her orange Volkswagen. If it was parked in the staff car park, it would be a normal day. If it wasn’t there, Mr. Field would be filling in.